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I created this blog to practice my writing skills. I probably won’t contribute to it anymore. 

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Blake,
    I noticed your Youtube video about Jesse Morell so I thought I would look you up. I also have a blog called
    “Hebrew Roots in Shallow Soil”
    I am not a Calvinist but I’m not an anti-Calvinist.:), and I debate some of the similar positions of Jesse Morell in the Hebrew Roots Movement. I just recently came across Jesse Morell and Kerrigan Skelly’s material and it’s troubling me to no end. I come from a Weslyan Holiness background and I am bothered by these people and groups for the fact that they really preach a pseudo-holiness that is really outside the parameters and scope of the finished work of Christ and the Cross and the mechanics and logistics that Paul lays out in Romans 4-8. I consider their viewpoints and doctrine to be a pseudo holiness for the fact that they promote holiness and proper Christian living, but their doctrine concerning these things only amounts to well intended sentiments about post-salvation living. They don’t have a construct for these things that is directly and uniquely tied to our personal relationship and identity with God through Jesus Christ. It is more of a construct that is limited to message and baptism of John, but never moves into the message and baptism of Christ. The denial of a sin nature is something that I can’t get over because I would think that all Christians would at least share in the same revelation and experience of indwelling sin now that we are born again and have proper hindsight of how sin effects us as individuals.
    My comment to you is somewhat of a feeler to see who all knows about these guys and whether or not there is an organized effort to debate or challenge them publicly. Im considering a debate with him if possible.
    Feel free to delete this comment because I don’t want to abuse your sight to promote mine, but below is a link to my blog. I just finished and 8 part series called “Redeemed or Forgiven?” which is an extremely comprehensive look at how the sinful nature is indeed the premier underlying theme to the Redemption of Jesus Christ. If you do find the time or interest, I recommend that all these “Redeemed or Forgiven?” articles be read in succession. My whole blog applies to people like Jesse because I show throughout my articles that this Pelagian mentality overlooks the details and purpose of the Cross. You won’t agree with some minor things but that’s completely fine. If you’re not familiar with the HRM, be prepared. My blog dodges all their arguments and cuts to the core of things and I believe it will be a considerable help to anyone who has encountered them:
    Take care


      • Thanks for the link and reply. I’ve been watching more and more of their stuff and it keeps getting worse. I cant finish Skelly’s videos not just because I strongly disagree but mainly because I cannot stand the juvenile and contrived exegesis. It’s painful. There really isn’t much to their gospel at all because they basically dismiss regeneration and the necessity of being born again or the dynamics of being born again. I heard Jesse say that man did not lose his image and likeness to God through the fall and that takes the cake when it comes to heresy. Their version of free will seems to go way beyond Arminian free will because most people who believe in free will do not believe that it is meritorious or redemptive because those aspects are reserved to Christ, but they seem (from my perspective and opinion)to put free will along with the human capacity as a redemptive or meritorious function for achieving righteousness. Jesse is big on trying to justify the human capacity as being sufficient to perform the work of God. I guess he never read about Ishmael. I called him out on that issue on his blog but he hasn’t approved my comments yet or replied. My position is that righteousness is both imparted and imputed by faith but it cannot be achieved. “For what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh…”(Rom 8:3) My background was never in Methodism but rather a group(s) that renounced the Methodist and Episcopalian churches of their time and still do. They retained some of Wesley’s doctrine but I have some disagreements with some of that doctrine because I believe they have an unnecessary overreach in terminology and description. I usually debate along side many Calvinists when it comes to the HRM and my theology is fundamentally compatible with them….I think. They haven’t said anything yet:). Thanks though for the encouragement/warning. Take care


  2. So Blake, how do you reconcile your strict adherence to Christianity with your embrace of White Nationalism and the Alt-Right? Are the two mutually compatible?


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